Summer/ Fall 2014:

**** Had to Change****

The date from the 9th to August 17,
2014 GPBA will be hosting a
Town Hall meeting at

This is an open discussion on the
future tournaments that the GPBA
will host in 2014/2015 and beyond.

We are soliciting feedback on what
to do to increase participation in our
local tournament and of course
ideas for the involvement of all the
bowling lanes in our association

We have ideas but maybe yours
could improve the participation and
prize monies for everyone involved,
but please remember the local
association tournament is held as a
bragging rights tour not money
making based.

Thanks and hope to see you there,
Joe Janusz- President GPBA
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Welcome to the Greater Peoria Bowling Association:
Located in Peoria, IL. Established in 1907  

Our Vision of the Greater Peoria USBC Bowling Association

To be unified/structured /Fun organization of choice focused on providing a service(s) to our local area
bowlers. The growth of participation in the sport in the Peoria Market and utilize inclusiveness of all
individuals who are involved with the sport of bowling in and around our market. We invite anyone or
association to join and provide professional, courtesy and recognition while maintaining the integrity,
teamwork and fun.
Another Way we Communicate about BOWLING
to You:
Click Here

is with Johnny Campos our hometown writer
with the Journal Star
..Once inside the sports
section click on columns-then click Johnny's
Upcoming events throughout the bowling
Articles will be written by Johnny Campos.
Presented on the GPBA website
2 local writers for the bowling community.
These articles are the opinions of the
writers not of the GPBA.  
Stay Strong we will all move forward together
but we will never forget! 11-17-2013
      Central Illinois Bowling centers: Serving the bowlers
Peoria Assoc.:
 Landmark Recreation, Mt.Hawley Bowl, Plaza Lanes (Washington),
Derer Lanes (Eureka), Maple Lane(Roanoke), Spoon River (Wyoming), Minonk Lanes, Lacon Lanes(Lacon),
St. Boniface Lanes, Christian Center (Peoria)

Pekin Assoc.:  Striketown Bowl, Roxy's Lanes, Sunset Lanes, Safari Bowl (Morton)

                                                        Secretaries meeting August 5th 6:30pm

 Secretaries this year at the kickoff meeting, Landmark Lanes, you will be able to get your packets to
begin your new season of ten pin competition.
 I would request you do not just run out and actually spend 30
minutes with us. Not so much a bunch of new stuff, but you can ask some questions that I bet many of you
veterans might have and the new secretaries will not have but really appreciate your insight.

I know Nancy and Ann will have important information on processing the awards. I will have something new
for you that I would like you to test and let Ann and Nancy know if it works.

                                                                                                                                Joe Janusz President GPBA

Some Information for future reference:

The GPBA has begun to cut back on the SNAIL Mail communications. I encourage everyone out there
please get your email addresses updated on your sanction cards. These Email addresses are for the
GPBA only, not for USBC to send you emails. So they stay local... We want to send you more timely
communication along with reminders of tournaments and delegate meetings and so forth.  

FYI-Preprinted sanction cards are wonderful but 90% of them do not have updated information.

Please add my email address      
                                                         Thank you,
                                                                                       Joe Janusz President GPBA
You have been a part of many persons lives over
the years and you will be remembered and
In Memory of our fallen Directors in their honor:

Mr. Gene Bowker Jr.- March 2014

Mr. Charlie Jones-March 2014

Mr. Dick Martin- March 2014

Thanks for all you have done for the
sport of bowling and its membership....
R.I.P. Gentlemen
Large part of Peoria Bowling
Past and Future

Celebrating 75years
Parents in the Central Illinois Market: Make it fun and fit

Parents I would like to get the ball rolling on this now before the fall season begins. I know and appreciate the
football, basketball and soccer and all the other sports our children are doing in High School. And I played in those
highly promoted sports, but what about the kids and young adults that do not have that chance to participate in them
due to whatever reason. The Gpba would like to extend to the
Parents and PTAs  members of our communities
and take a huge stride towards the individual, can be team as well, BOWLING Programs for our young adults.. We
have centers that are willing to develop leagues or clubs for them to set aside 2-3 hours a week and roll the ball for
fun and exercise. These events really help with communication skills building and overcoming shyness, develop
teamwork and much more. Please reach out to any of the board members to find out more.

Feel free to email me or call the GPBA 309-633-1343