Welcome to the Greater Peoria Bowling Association:
Located in Peoria, IL. Established in 1907  

Our Vision of the Greater Peoria USBC Bowling Association

To be unified/structured /Fun organization of choice focused on providing a service(s) to our
local area bowlers. The growth of participation in the sport in the Peoria Market and utilize
inclusiveness of all individuals who are involved with the sport of bowling in and around our
market. We invite anyone or association to join and provide professional, courtesy and
recognition while maintaining the integrity, teamwork and fun.
Large part of Peoria
Bowling Past and

Celebrating 75

Hello Bowlers Friends

Hope your year end meetings went well. Everyone got their prizes and awards, standing
sheets to your secretaries and of course all payouts safely secure and distributed.

Mark your calendars for our ALL Members Meeting for July 9th 2017 at 1pm
being held at Landmark Lanes.

This  one will not be boring We and you will be voting on merging all 3 boards in Peoria
down to 1. Yes 1!!

We hope you can make it and for 2 hours of your day as you will be part of History!!

                         Thank you:  Joe Janusz GPBA President
Joe Janusz:  
Need An Average
Hall of Record
Central Illinois Bowling centers: Serving the bowlers of
Peoria Assoc.:
 Landmark Recreation, Mt.Hawley Bowl, Plaza Lanes (Washington),
Derer Lanes (Eureka), Maple Lane(Roanoke), Spoon River (Wyoming), Minonk Lanes, Lacon Lanes(Lacon),
St. Boniface Lanes, Christian Center (Peoria)
Safari Bowl (Morton)

Pekin Assoc.:  Striketown Bowl, Roxy's Lanes, Sunset Lanes
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Illinois State Bowling
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for their generous contributions to the
GPBA and Peoria Area bowlers..
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Dedicated to
Bill Mastronardi
R.I.P. 2017
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get it to this guy. Johnny
Campos Our local sports
writer for the Peoria Journal

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Men, Women, Youth, Youth Leaders, TNBA
By the way if you have an interest for joining
the new board please fill this app out and get it
back to to the nominating committee.

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